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Will Be Updating Soon

I have a lot of back posts that I need to write/edit and then I will be spamming my own blog at the end of this month! Sorry for the long hiatus, but things got really busy for a while!

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Jello Swimming Pools

Thank goodness for kids that are easily amused!

I love trying new recipes and trying to come up with creative meals and snacks- but I am not much of a chef or a baker, and I know that. I can’t make beautiful cakes or intricate meals. I can, however make jello. And I can buy gummi life-savers and teddy grahams.

So- we made jello swimming pools for dessert tonight! The kids thought it was hilarious. John even got a big kick out of it. And other than the fact that jello takes entirely too long to make (4 hours in the fridge???) I thought it was simple enough!

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Easter Festivities

Happy Easter! We had a really busy Easter Sunday today. We went to Jackson for an Easter egg hunt at church at 9:30, then 11:30 Mass and lunch at my sister-in-law’s house. This wouldn’t have been so bad, except that with two dogs at the house this weekend, we didn’t want to go overnight, so we had to get up early to drive up there!

The kids had a lot of fun with. They were excited about the church egg hunt- but really excited about the Easter egg hunt with their cousins in the afternoon. After all- the church didn’t have a trampoline, or bedrooms filled with Bakugan and Littlest Pet Shop toys!

So they ran around like wild hooligans playing with their cousins all afternoon, and John and I got the chance to visit with his parents, his sister and her husband. Plus, at Mass we saw our friend Scott (who is almost done with seminary) and Sian’s godmother Nicole.

It was a beautiful day, too. Perfect sunny weather. Way too much pollen though. I think John just might die! It was so thick driving home that we were passing through clouds of it. It was like trying to drive in fog- not so fun!

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This weekend I am dog-sitting my co-workers Schnauzer. We’ve been joking all week that we are going to wind up with Schneagles by the end of the weekend, since neither Diesel (her dog) or Moneypenny (ours) are fixed!

It’s been fun so far though. We aren’t leaving the two dogs alone, so I’m not actually worried about puppies coming from this weekend. Mostly we’re just enjoying having another dog in the house. Once upon a time, we did have two dogs, but it’s been just one for several years now. I would love to adopt another dog, but we are waiting until Ms. Moneypenny goes to doggy school to learn a few manners first!

Sian and Fiona are really excited about Diesel. He’s very friendly and easily excited, which is perfect for them. Plus, he will eat anything, so he saved Fiona from having to eat her Brussel sprouts tonight. She’s in love!

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Motherhood Moments: March

Sian got a new bike for his birthday this year, and he’s really excited about it! He’s a bit rusty though- it’s been almost a year since he’s ridden a bike. I feel bad that his old bike was in storage for so long- and he outgrew it during that time! He’s ready to start practicing again, though, and we are trying to teach him to balance enough to ride without training wheels.

It’s been a bit of a rocky start, but I know that he’ll get the hang of it soon. He’s nothing if not determined! He got his first bike when he was three (a bit young, but we got a great deal at the thrift shop on base!) and he practiced every afternoon for about a month until he could finally get the thing moving. It took a bit longer to master steering- but he was so proud of himself that it was impossible not to smile. John was deployed at the time, so he didn’t get to be around to help Sian learn to peddle. He’s looking forward to teaching him to ride his “big boy” bike, though!

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Cub Scout Olympics

The second half of our camping adventure started this morning. After breakfast in the dining hall, all the cub scouts who came for the event were divided into 8 groups. There were 8 events to participate in, divided into groups of four and morning/afternoon sessions. Sian’s group was called the torch bearers.

Their morning session was down in the shooting area. The did the shot put and discus (a ball and a frisbee toss!), archery, BB shooting, and sling shot shooting. Sian’s favorite one was archery- and he did pretty good with it! He was excited about the BB guns, but I don’t think he liked the experience as much as he liked the idea of it.

There was a short break, and then we went on to our afternoon session on the athletic fields. This time they participated in long jump and high jump, rope climbing, monkey bridge, and tug-o-war. Sian really liked the monkey bridge and the jumping. I thought that the rope climb was an interesting challenge! Definately the most difficult thing they had them do all day.

When the games were done, the scouts had time to relax and play, then we had lunch and went home. Sian was bubbling over with excitement the entire time- he can’t wait to “practice” for the Olympics. I guess we will have to sign up again next year for sure!

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Camp Out

#42- go on a family camping trip. Goal met 3/27/10

This weekend Sian, Fiona, and I went on our first camp out together. It was an event for family’s hosted by the boy scouts, and Sian had a lot of fun. John had to work, so it was definitely a unique experience for me! I wanted to break this into two separate posts since I have a ton of pictures.

Saturday night was the actual camp out. We arrived at Camp Binachi around 5- and then we had to figure out how to get the tent set up. Amazingly, I was able to do that without too much difficulty! After the tent was up and all our stuff stored inside, the kids wanted to go exploring. I let Sian lead the way, and we followed the maps and signs to find out way around the campgrounds. It was a lot of fun.

The only down side to camping is that it is really hard to get the kids to settle down and go to sleep. Well, that and the fact that sleeping on the ground isn’t particularly pleasant! Sian and Fiona didn’t settle down until 9:30 or so, and the other campers were up and making noise until around 11:00. Still, it was a fun afternoon, and I am really glad we did it!

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St. Paddy’s Parade 5K

I know I mentioned before that racing can be addictive. I know this is true because today I just completed my 3rd race in 5 weeks (attended 4 races in that time).This race was a LOT of fun for me, because it wasn’t just me. I was the only one doing the 5K run, but my parents and one of my sisters did the 5K walk, and Sian and Fiona both did the 1 mile Fun Run. So racing is definitely a family affair!

5K Run

John snapped a picture of me near the finish line at 27:31. My official race time was 27:08, which means I cut almost 2 full minutes off my previous time (29:05,  5 weeks ago) so I am happy. Didn’t place- but I kicked my own butt. Can’t ask for more than that!

5K Walk

My mother, father, and sister entered as a team, and placed 2nd over-all with teams. My sister and father were both doing their first walk, and both placed 3rd in their age groups! Caitlin 44:03 (14:13 min mile pace) Ranked 72 out of 253, 3rd in age group  Mom: 44:15 (14:17 min mile pace) Ranked 78 out of 253, 7th in age group  Dad: 46:22 (14:58 min mile) Ranked 105 out of 253, 3rd in age group.

1 Mile Fun Run

Sian  entered his second 1 mile race, and finished in 9:57 (cutting about 30 seconds off his time) He placed 3rd in his age group. Fiona entered her first 1 mile race, and finished at 13:02. I ran with her, but I was so busy watching her that I didn’t look at the clock to see the time when she finished!

I will have to scale back on racing soon, though. John has started griping about A) registration costs and B) how boring it is for a non-runner. So we are scaling back to one per month for the time being. Next up: boyscout 5K and 1 miler withSian in April. To keep me motivated I will begin training for a half-marathon on Monday- hopefully will be running one on June 12th!

And of course, lot’s of pictures…

Home stretch!

Finish Line

In Motion Family, post race

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Lucky #7

I cannot believe that my baby is seven today! It seems like time is flying by so fast, and I can’t stop it. I love the boy that Sian is growing into. So curious, sweet, active, loving, and hard working. But, at the same time, I miss my baby!

Seven years ago I never imagined I could be as happy as I am as a mother. I was young and scared, and didn’t have the first idea what to do with a baby. But John and I somehow figured it out, and our son is growing more and more every day, learning new things all the time, and becoming someone that we are both so amazingly proud of.

I miss the baby and toddler that he once was, but I am so impressed with the boy that he is now. I cannot wait to see what this next year brings for him!

Sian had a pretty good birthday today, I think. I had to work this morning, and John had to work this evening, so it was a bit unusual. I took off early though, and we had some time together before John had to go in to work.

We celebrated last night with the cake and presents- he was particularly excited about his new bike and Bakugan (whatever the heck those things are!) Tonight my mom came to pick the kids up to go to Jackson for a few days (it’s spring break for them) so I am sure he is having a blast with them too.

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Run Through History 10K

#55- Run a 10K Race: goal met 3/6/2010

Done and DONE! I can’t believe I survived!

Saturday was a beautiful day. My mother, youngest sister and I got up around 6 am so we could be out the door at 6:30 and in Vicksburg by 7:30 for pre-race packet pick up. It was a little chilly first thing in the morning, but the day quickly warmed up- no snow for this race!!

Once we got to Vicksburg I started having some second thoughts- afterall, we had to walk up an insanely tall hill just to get our numbers and chips- and that was nothing compared to the hills along the path we were running.

We lined up with the other 10K runners at 8:30 though at the bottom of a hill no less, and waited for the cannon to announce the start of the race. Yes, a cannon! We were running through a civil war memorial park- so they pulled out all the stops for this one.  My sister and I stayed together for about the first mile- and then I got impatient. I felt like the hills were going to kill me, so I had to play some mind games to keep myself going. I would pick someone ahead of me in the crowd (easy to do since there were 35o of us!) and make is my “mission” to pass them.  Once that goal was met- I would pick someone new. On and on until I came to the top of the final hill and saw the finish line.

I couldn’t believe I survived. I couldn’t believe that I enjoyed it! As crazy as it sounds, and as tough as the course was- I can’t wait to try that race again next year. I came in 10th in my age group, and 196th overall. Not bad for a first 10K! Two pictures below. The first, my sister and I pre-race (she finished not far behind me 1:01:05) and the second a woman from the local running club- we had to meet up!

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