Posted by: mommyinmotion | July 25, 2009

Healthy Day Charts

Sian and Fiona were very excited this morning. They filled up their healthy day charts for last week, which means today we are going to the park! Last week’s charts were only 5 days, and I told them that our new healthy challenge is to get stickers for 7 days straight. I think they are ready to take it on! Sian was excited to get to decorate his new chart, he drew pictures of all the healthy things he is going to do each day at the top.

John seems to be fully on board with my new goals for our family, which I think is important. I know it’s going to be hard to set examples for our kids (and to keep myself on track) if we are not both making the best choices we can. Mostly he’s just trying to focus on training to get ready for the police academy- running and push ups. We’ve been running together when we get the chance (like last night) We ran a little over 1.5 miles, and cut our time together down to 17:08 minutes. That’s not bad, considering that our distance was longer, and we still cut about 20 seconds off of our overall time. We’re planning to go running again today- either taking turns at the park (one running, one keeping an eye on Sian and Fiona) or this evening when it cools off outside.

Now it’s time to get some lunch ready, and then we’re out the door for Sian and Fiona’s healthy week reward- playground fun!


  1. I love the charts that you created. I think I might have to do that with my DD. She loves eating fruits and veggies and “exercising” with mommy, but she does not like drinking water much at all. I always water down her juice, but she balks at drinking h2o straight up. Hmm…i wonder what type of reward I could promise her.

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