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101 in 1001

One of the blogs I have been reading can be found HERE, and the author has set a goal for herself to accomplish 101 goals in 1001 days. This seems to be a bit of a “movement”, (that can be joined HERE) and it’s like crack to a compulsive list maker like myself! I am constantly writing impossibly long “to do” lists for myself, and generally speaking I only give myself a very small window of time in which to complete these tasks.

The tasks are supposed to be very clear and measurable and some of the items on my list are, well, not. And that’s mostly because I am not sure how to word each task properly. Each goal will be marked as completed or in progress as I begin to tackle them. As I begin each new task, I will clearly define what it means- and how the successful completion will be measured.

Today is my “Zero Day”, so day one for me is August 15th, 2009. That makes my 1,oo1 day May 12th, 2012. I am finding the idea of having almost 3 years to reach my goals almost over whelming, but somehow liberating as well. So here goes- my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days….

The Career/Continued Education Goals

1) Complete AFAA’s Yoga Essentials I and II
2) Complete AFFA’s Practical Yoga Instructor training
3) Complete AFAA’s Youth Fitness home study
4) Complete AFAA’s Nutrition Fundamentals home study
5) Become AED certified
6) RE-certify for CPR and Personal Training
7) Begin work on a bachelor’s degree (choose a major first!)
8.) Get promoted from Sales Manager to Location Manager

The Charitable Goals

9) Volunteer at a local soup kitchen
10) Donate clothes (in good condition) that are no longer being worn to charity
11) Volunteer at the local animal shelter
12) Participate in at least one school fundraiser (per child)
13) Have The Boy and The Girl donate toys (in good condition) to a charity at least once a year
14) Participate in Toys for Tots
15) Volunteer at the church

The Communication Goals

16) Write at least one letter a month for one year (0/12)
17) Send “thank you” cards out within one month of occasion/gift for at least 6 occasions (0/6)
18) Send birthday/anniversary cards to family and friends for one year (0/12)
19) Send out Christmas cards!
20) Make an effort to reconnect with at least one friend each month for one year (0/12)
21) Call my grandmother at least twice a month for 6 months (0/6) (0/12)
22) Write/call my aunt at least twice a month for 6 months (0/6) (0/12)

The DIY Goals

23) Learn how to change the oil in my car on my own
24) Learn how to remove wallpaper and remove all the hideous wall paper in the new house!
25) Re-tile the, ummm, lovely pink half-bath!
26) Paint, paint, paint! At least 6 rooms in the house (0/6)
27) Update the kitchen (appliances, counter top and floors)
28) Learn how to clean out the fireplace!
29) Learn how to drive stick

The Entertainment Goals

30) Get library cards for our family
31) Read (or re-read) all the books on THIS list (0/150)
32) Watch (or re-watch) all the movies on THIS list (0/100)
33) Listen to at least one album for each of THESE bands
34) Get a record player
35) Own at least 10 favorite albums as records (not CD’s!) .
36) Read for pleasure at least 10 minutes each day
37) Go to a play
38) Go to a concert
39) Have a zombie movie marathon one weekend just because I know John would like it

The Family Goals

40) Re-instate bi-monthly date nights at home with John for at least 3 months (0/6)
41) Spend at least 5 minutes of one-on-one time with each child for 90 days (0/90)
42) Go on a family camping trip
43) Go on a family canoeing trip
44) Create a chore and reward system for each child
45) Have family game night once a month for one year (0/12)
46) Take family portraits
47) Go walking/hiking as a family 

The Financial Goals

48) Pay off the credit card
49) Set up tuition savings accounts for both children
50) Create a budget for our family
51) Pay at least $3,000 extra towards principal payments on the mortgage ($0/$3,000)
52) Sell my car and finance a newer one

The Health and/or Fitness Goals

53) Quit smoking!
54) Run a 5K race
55) Run a 10K race
56) Run a half-marathon
57)  Practice yoga at least 5 minutes a day, at least 20 days a month
58) Plant a garden with healthy, fresh foods for our family
59) Try at least one new recipe a month for 12 months (0/12)
60) Complete all 90 days of P90X (0/90)
61) Keep a food journal 

The “I’ll Get Around To It Someday” Goals

62) Bring Sian and Fiona’s birthday scrapbooks up-to-date
63) Create a photo album for the places we visited in England
64) Print out and create a photo album for my favorite pictures
65) Make new blankets for Sian and Fiona
66) Have paintings made of Sian and Fiona as small children
67) Enroll Moneypenny in training school!
68) Organize the filing cabinet 

The Local Life Goals

69) Go horseback riding at Bonita Lakes
70) Go see the Highland Park Dentzel Carousel
71) Attend at least one event at the Temple Theater
72) Visit the Causeyville General Store
73) Visit Clarcko State Park
74) Visit the Frank W. Williams Home
75) Visit the Jimmie Rodgers Museum
76) Go see the Key Brothers Aviation Exhibit
77) Go to the Meridian Museum of Art
78) Visit Planet Playground
79) Take pictures of all the carousel horses in Meridian

The Random” Goals

80) Get another tattoo!
81) Get an article or essay published
82) Get a massage
83) Donate blood
84) Learn Spanish
85) Get a coloring book for myself and color every page!
86) Learn to swim!
87) Plant a tree
88) Participate in NaNoWriMo

The Travel Goals

90) Take Sian and Fional on a road trip by myself!
91) Take a family trip to Disney
92) Take  a family trip to Wildwood, NJ to show Sian and Fiona where I spent my childhood summers!
93) Take Sian and Fiona to the Jackson Zoo
94) Visit Biloxi to show Sian and Fiona where we first lived
95) Take Sian and Fiona to the Agricultural Museum in Jackson
96) Visit my brother in Texas

The Wellness Goals

97) Ask for help when I need it
98) Take one day just for me
99) Meditate at least once a day for one month
100) Keep a journal (pen and paper!)
101) Keep up with this list and track my progress until each goal is completed!


  1. Great list!! I’m also a compulsive list maker 🙂 I think I may have to steal some of these for my next 101 list (I’m stealing one of Stacey’s to do this month!).

    There is an online community for people doing the 101 in 1001 at We have forums and groups and blog awards 🙂 We’d love to have you join!

    Good luck with your list! I’m looking forward to following your journey!


  2. Whoohoo! I’m so excited you decided to do a list! I’ll be adding to my blogroll!

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