Posted by: mommyinmotion | August 18, 2009

#30- Get library cards for our family

#30- get library cards for our family: Goal completed 8/17/09

Yesterday after I picked up Fiona from pre-school, and Sian from school, we went to check out the city library. We got our new library cards, and the goal is officially completed.

Fiona was a little upset since four-year-olds are not allowed to have their own card. She cheered up, though, when I let her check out a book about Dora the Explorer with my card. Sian was thrilled to get his first card, and promptly picked two books to read. When we were finished at the library we went home to tell John all about it.

Sian is participating in a reading program at school, and I think that this will help him a lot. He is behind the curve with reading, mainly because he has difficulty sounding words out. I think his speech problem is partly to blame for that. After he read the required book for school he was allowed to start looking at his library books. Last night we choose one about Superman- I let Sian read all the words he could on his own, and I filled in the gaps for him. All in all, a very successful day!

In non-101 related happenings, yesterday was not exactly great for me. Diet and exercise wise it went great. I stayed on track and felt like I was making the best decisions possible. But I had a killer headache, and after dinner I had to run out for some medicine. I have been getting these headaches for almost a year now, and I thought they were just stress related. But I am not feeling particularly stressed out right now, and the headache came out of no where. I really hope they stop soon!

John and I got an update on some family drama that is going on right now, so we are just hoping that everything works out! (That news didn’t come until after the headache though, so I know it wasn’t stress from that) Today is better so far, I am still on track with all my personal health goals, and just ready to go home and spend some time with my family!


  1. Some of my best memories from my childhood are going to the library and reading with my parents. I feel like a lot of children miss out on that now in the age of video games. One of my goals is to take my cousins to the library and hopefully get them hooked on books 🙂

    Congrats on another completed goal!

  2. I can’t wait to get my library card. UNLIMITED BOOKS FOR FREE! WHOOOO!

    But seriously though, what’s your weather like?
    I get headaches when the temperature/barometric pressure/precipitation changes. Granted, I get headaches like nobody’s business, but REALLY frequently when the weather fluctuates drastically.

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