Posted by: mommyinmotion | September 18, 2009

#62- Keep a food journal for 30 days

Goal Completed September 18th, 2009

I am really glad I made myself focus on this goal and get myself back on track. I have been a food journal-er for years, but these last several months I have been really slacking. And, of course, these last several months I have been gaining weight/unable to lose the weight I put back on. I am a firm believer that those two things are directly related!

I first started calorie counting using a website called, which was a good starting point for me. There isn’t (or wasn’t) a lot to the site- just input your food and your workouts. I liked that I could save things I ate over and over again though. Using calorie counting and fitday- I lost the first 30lbs. Then I discovered sparkpeople and fell in love. I really enjoyed the community features, articles, workout ideas, etc… in addition to the food tracking.

But, over time, I began to feel like a slave to the “diet” mentality, which is something I never wanted for myself. So I stopped tracking my food. Sometimes I would just skip a day here and there, then it would be several days, and finally weeks and months with no consistency at all.

I knew that if I wanted to get back on the right track, both health wise and attitude wise, I was going to have to go back to food journaling and pre-planning my meals. So I added this goal to my 101 in the hopes that one month of keeping a written journal would encourage me to keep up with the healthy habits I have created for myself. I am pleased to say that it did! My month ended about a week ago, but I have made the decision to stick with my journaling, and I am feeling better than I have in months.

Instead of feeling like keeping my journal is something I have to do, something that I am stuck with, I have worked really hard to readjust my attitude. Now I know I can look back over my journal and feel proud. I have visual proof and records that each day I am making the best choices I can for my health!


  1. Did the journaling help you lose any weight?

    I use fit day, but have never gone more than a week with the journaling. I find when I do journal I do lose weight though.

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