Posted by: mommyinmotion | September 21, 2009

#50- Create a Budget

Goal Completed 9/22/09

This goal was a lot harder for me to actually sit down and tackle than I expected. It’s something I have been meaning to do since November. I kept putting it off, because things were uncertain for months as we were moving, searching for jobs, changing jobs, moving again, etc….

I thought I would tackle it as soon as we got to Meridian, but then I kept thinking it’s not going to be accurate while John is in the police academy, so I will do it in November. But then in December he will be going to Texas, and it will be inaccurate again, so I will wait until April. But then something else will change. It always does.

So maybe it’s ok to have a flexible budget.  At least, that’s what I am telling myself! I set a budget for the expenses we have now, and I will adjust it as need be. I’ve budgeted for savings and paying off the credit card as well, so I know I will always be able to handle those things each month. One of the things I have been particularly concerned about when it comes to hashing this out are the unexpected things that always come up. How do you make a plan to cover the un-planned for?

I’ve decided to under-represent our income. I get paid a set amount per hour that I can always count on each month. I also get commissions though, and those vary from paycheck to paycheck. I decided not to count my commissions when I was figuring up our spendable income. I figure that’s just a little extra each month, to throw into savings, cover holiday/special occasion costs, or be used for whatever is needed. Along the same line, I also chose to omit John’s guard pay, since that also varies month-to-month (depending on training exercises, drills, etc…)

I’m really glad to be able to cross this one off the list. I feel a lot better knowing that I now know where everything is coming from/going to!


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