Posted by: mommyinmotion | September 21, 2009

Green Monster

I first learned about these Green Monster smoothies on the MLW message boards. I thought they sounded interesting, but definitely not for me. I have a lot of texture/visual issues with food, and I really did not think I could make myself drink one! But, since I am determined to find more ways to add healthy foods to my every day diet, I gave it a shot.

To my surprise, they are actually good! I can’t look at them when I drink them, but if I distract myself and just sip on them without paying too much attention, I enjoy them a lot. And yes, I know I sound like a picky pre-schooler, not wanting to eat or drink anything that isn’t pretty. But, really, that’s what I am in a way. And- even a picky pre-schooler would like one of these shakes. At least, MY picky child does! Fiona commandeered my green monster last night and drank about half of it. Of course, I didn’t tell her that it has spinach in it. In our house, we no longer use the “S word” Spinach has been renamed “Leafy Greens”

That started last Thursday. I was making a casserole for dinner, and trying to figure out a way to through some veggies into it. So I cooked up some spinach and mixed it in with the ground beef. Fiona took one look at her plate, shoved it aside, and told me “I don’t like that green” I didn’t want to have the fight over spinach again, since we were going to be late for Cub Scouts, so I just told her “That’s leafy greens, you’ve never had it before” Technically, it was all true. Spinach IS leafy and green, and Fiona has literally never taken a single bite of it.

Fional, happy that I had finally stopped trying to serve her spinach, ate every bite of her “leafy green” casserole. She also ate spinach with brown rice this weekend, and then drank my spinach smoothie last night. I guess it’s ok to bend the truth a little (ok, a LOT) in order to get them to eat healthy. And one day I probably will let her know that spinach and leafy greens are one-in-the-same

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