Posted by: mommyinmotion | October 24, 2009

#48- Go Walking/Hiking as a Family

Goal met 10/24/09!

Today I took Sian and Fiona out to Bonita lakes for a hiking trip for cub scouts. The Boy was really excited to get to see his friend from school, and both boys really liked being able to lead the way as we went along the trail. The purpose of our little adventure was to go and see what animals we could find. Our path along the lake took us by a flock of geese- but that was the most exciting thing out there on Saturday!

We did see butterflies, spiders, and countless bugs. A few birds and squirrels even. But not the bears, alligators and elephants that the boys were hoping for. I think it’s time for a little lesson on animals and their natural habitats! Although, I have to admit- seeing an elephant meandering down the walking path would have been exciting!


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