Posted by: mommyinmotion | November 9, 2009

Healthy away from Home

Easier said than done!

Thursday morning I had to drive to Memphis (actually, Southhaven, MS) for work training. I started the day off pretty unhealthy- since there is no way in heck waking up at the ungodly hour of 3am leads to a well-rested Mommy! I took enough time to shower and make a pot of coffee, then poured the entire thing in my thermos and hit the road with only Tom-Tom for company.

I arrived at the hotel around 8am, and to my great delight discovered more coffee waiting. And yes, I know caffeine overdose is probably a real concern for me, but it was literally the only thing that kept me functioning those two days. The conference was interesting. I met a lot of people from other Anytime Fitness gyms, owners, managers, and the people who are technically my co-workers (since they also work in gyms owned by the same couple who own the Meridian location)

I learned a lot. Most of it about work-related things. Some of it about me, and a) how much I desperately needed a night by myself and b) how much I desperately need to muster up some willpower! On the second issue…

1) I managed to order a semi-healthy lunch, I hope. I don’t know the nutritional info for Newks, but vegetable soup and a salad with no dressing can’t be too bad. I learned that my sweet tooth will yell inside my head if I deny it though. Since I didn’t know what dinner was going to be like- I turned down the desserts that were offered to me at lunch. And then proceeded to think about them the rest of the weekend!

2) Speaking of dinner- I learned that I will use other people as an excuse to eat poorly. I know what I want to eat. I know what my body needs to feel energized. But when someone says “You have to try the fries here” I say “ok” (insert Homer Simpson “D’oh” here.)

3) I learned that I am not a social exerciser. I get very distracted. I attempted to do a run, but got bored after a mile. So then I thought I would try some strength training. And I did. For about 10 minutes. Then I talked to some of the other people there working out, and the owner of that location. (Very nice guy named Mike. He let me in even though my key didn’t work!)

4) I learned that I cannot get a full nights sleep even when there is no reason to get up early. I didn’t have to be back at the conference until 9am on Friday. So I set my alarm for 7. And then woke up at 5. But I had brought my resistance bands with me, so I did manage a quick workout in my room before it was time to shower, pack up and go have breakfast.

5) I learned that saying “I’ll work harder when…” never works. “I’ll eat better when I get back to Brandon” (where I spent the next two days) or “I’ll get a good gym workout in on Saturday” Neither one happened. I had Burger King for dinner Friday night, and didn’t even look at a gym on Saturday. But then I felt really guilty about not going, because I had asked the manager of the Pearl gym to manually enter my key in their computer so I could go. So…

6) I learned that guilt is a very powerful motivator for me. I didn’t want to workout on Sunday. I wanted to try and sleep before driving the rest of the way home. But after we packed up and cleaned the house, I took Sian and Fiona with me and went to the gym. I got the run in that I wanted to do Thursday, and kicked my own butt with a new strength training routine. And yes, I did get distracted and talk to some of the people there. But that’s just me. I have a short attention span, apparently.

All in all, the weekend wasn’t too bad. I made a lot of choices that I shouldn’t have made (and my scale seems to agree with me!) But, looking back, I made some choices that I never would have made in the past. Workout on my “vacation”? You’re kidding right? Turn down dessert? Not on your life! But I did both. And that’s got to count for something!

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