Posted by: mommyinmotion | November 20, 2009

#40- Re-instate bi-monthly date nights at home with John for at least 3 month

Goal completed 11/20/09

I got the idea for at home date nights from my parents. With 5 kids in the house- I don’t think it was easy for them to find a sitter! As far back as I can remember, though, they would have dates at home. They would rent movies and order a pizza for us- and then banish us to the back of the house. We ate our dinner and watched movies in their room until bedtime.

That gave them the time to cook dinner and eat in peace and quiet for once- and to watch a movie of their own. It must have been nice to watch something other than a cartoon now and then!

Since we have spent most of our marriage living away from family, John and I always made a point to have those date nights as well. It was easiest when the kids were really little- fix them some dinner and put them to bed! We spent so much time living with family this past year that we didn’t really need the at home dates anymore- there were plenty of babysitters around.

I really wanted to get back to that though- so in September we started setting aside some time for just us on the weekends when John was home from the police academy. It was nice to relax- and have a dinner that wasn’t interrupted by Sian’s non-stop chatter or Fiona’s atrocious table manners! This is something we are definitely going to continue- at least once a month if we can!

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