Posted by: mommyinmotion | November 30, 2009

Motherhood Moments: November

We haven’t had family portraits taken in awhile. This month though, there was a family day at the guard base, and we were able to get some Christmas-y pictures taken. It seemed a bit early for Christmas, and none of us were dressed up at all, but it was fun anyway!

The only problem with having pictures taken on family day is that, by the time we got there, the kids were worn out from the fun and activities and had absolutely no interest in sitting still. Fiona in particular was feeling pretty cranky!

That’s nothing new! I love my kids, and I love taking pictures of them, but if it’s not a candid shot- forget it! Those two kids have a definite aversion to both sitting still and looking in the same direction at the same time!

Past Christmas portraits have been equally disastrous. Individually the kids do ok, but together, or in a group shot, forget it! Usually we have to take two dozen shots or more, and then just try and pick the one where people are looking in kind of the same direction. One kid crying, one with their arms pinned to their sides to keep them still. Parents gritting their teeth in a forced smile muttering “if you don’t sit still, so help me god…” the entire time. You know- the spirit of Christmas, right?

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