Posted by: mommyinmotion | December 6, 2009

Christmas parade

Last night the kid’s and I were part of the Meridian Christmas parade. One of the trainers at the gym owns a stable and she had some of the horses in the parade. She put an Anytime Fitness banner on the trailer, so my co-worker and I went to help her out. The kids were really excited about it because they got to see the horses and ride in the truck.

It was the first parade that I was a part of and I have to say, it wasn’t that exciting! It was cold. Very, very cold! And since we were outside in said cold for about 6 hours, I grew very bored with the whole ordeal! Sian and Fiona loved it though. There were a lot of other kids in the truck with them, and people kept giving them hot chocolate and candy canes- so they thing parades are the best thing ever!

I liked seeing how happy the kid’s were, and I had fun hanging out with my co-worker. I’ll be honest though, I hope the trainer doesn’t ask us to help again next year!

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