Posted by: mommyinmotion | December 19, 2009

#14- Participate in Toys for Tots

Goal completed 12/19/09

This is something I have been wanting to do with the kids for a long time now. Last year at Fitness Lady we had an Angel Tree, and I picked a name to get some gifts for from that. But the kids weren’t really involved with it.

We are doing our best not to raise spoiled kids (which is hard to do, because we really do enjoy spoiling them!) We want them to understand the meaning of Christmas, and the spirit of giving associated with it, though. So, this year, we went hunting for Toys for Tots boxes around town.

I took the kids to the store and we browsed the toy aisles together. I let them know that we were buying presents for someone else- and there was (surprisingly) no pouting when they weren’t allowed to pick out toys to keep. Toys for Tots took forever though!

Sian and Fiona wanted to look at each and every toy, and discuss with me the merits of each one. I tried to steer them towards gender neutral toys, and they had a lot of fun looking for things that a boy OR a girl could play with. In the end they settled on Mr. Potato Head and a wagon full of mega blocks. Not bad!

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