Posted by: mommyinmotion | December 31, 2009

Motherhood Moments: December

The ghost of Christmas’ past!

Every holiday season I spend a lot of time reflecting back on our family, and how much things have changed over the years. I love Christmas, and each year is just another great memory for me! Some of them have been better than others though- but all in all it’s one of my absolute favorite holidays!

2003: Sian’s first Christmas was celebrated at Thanksgiving in 2003. That’s because we moved to England on December 5th, and everyone in both family’s wanted to celebrate with him. It’s a good thing we had Christmas early, too! On the 25th, we were sitting in our new house- with no fridge yet, no furniture yet, nothing! It didn’t feel much like Christmas at all! It felt a lot like Christmas a few days later though, when the movers finally arrived with all our belongings!

2004: Sian’s second Christmas was a bittersweet one. He was older and had a lot of fun with the gifts- and I was pregnant with Fiona, so we were pretty excited about the new edition to our family that would be coming in the spring. John was gearing up for his first deployment though, so that was on our minds a lot at the time. We knew he was going to miss Sian’s birthday and Fiona’s birth, so we tried to make Christmas as special as we could.

2005: Fiona’s first Christmas was a blast! We thought Christmas with one kid was fun- double the excitement really made a difference! There were never two kids more thoroughly spoiled! It was the first Christmas with all four of us, and so much fun. The kids got a lot of new toys, and Sian started learning the lesson of “giving” because he gave a lot of his baby toys to Fiona that year.

2006: My least favorite family Christmas! The kids had fun, as they always did, but it was a hard one for us. John was deployed (again!) and he missed out on a lot that deployment. The holidays just didn’t feel the same when he was gone. That year we celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s on our own, and it was definitely the most stressful holiday season for me. However- I did discover that I am perfectly capable of putting the tree up on my own! Who knew?

2007: This was like a first Christmas all over again! Our first “in transit” Christmas, our first Christmas celebrated in someone else’s home, and our first Christmas with family since the kids were born. In 2007 we had just moved home from England, and we were on leave before moving to Nevada. It was the first Christmas that the kids got to spend with family, and they loved it! It really makes a difference to be surrounded by friends and family during the holidays.

2008: The second “in transit” Christmas. This time we were moving back from Nevada, and looking for houses here in MS. I think the kids really enjoyed Christmas with family again- especially the cousins. Plus, it was the first Christmas with homemade decorations- Sian made a lot of great stuff in kindergarten, so we had some really festive things to display!

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