Posted by: mommyinmotion | January 17, 2010

The Week from Hell!

Once the holidays were over and New Year came upon us, I figured things would slow down a bit. But, this is because I am not much good at “figuring” and didn’t account for the fact that I work in a gym, thus, life got busier! And, January introduced “the week from hell” The week from hell went as follows…

  • Tuesday– John is informed that he has to go to Arkansas for training for four days on Thursday. Panic and cleaning and packing ensue.
  • Wednesday– One of the gym owner’s is supposed to come to town, which leads to a very late night at work and not getting to spend time with John before he leaves.
  • Thursday– Sian’s school is canceled due to forecasted weather (snow and ice which never came!) Fiona  greets me in the morning by throwing up on me. And then in the store when we went to get medicine. And several more times just for good measure.
  • Friday– temperatures reach the low teens. School is canceled again. Work is not. Two very cold and cranky kids spend seven hours being extremely bored in the office.
  • Saturday– wake up to discover that all upstairs plumbing has frozen during the night. Plus, it’s my Saturday to work, so we experience “cranky and bored children at work, volume two”
  • Sunday– Now that all the laundry from Thursday is finally washed, cleaned, and put away, Sian gets sick. It’s Thursday fun all over again.
  • Monday– come home from work to discover that the pipes are no longer frozen. They have now burst and it is raining in the kitchen. Sian and Fiona find this exciting. Me, a little less so. But, John assures me that once I turn off the main water valve, he can fix the problem.
  • Tuesday– John discovers that he can’t fix the plumbing problem. And we can’t get a plumber to our house for “a day or two” And I can’t make coffee because there is no water!! This is a huge problem for me.
  • Wednesday– still no water. Running out of clean clothes and food that doesn’t need water to cook. Plumbers are tearing our house apart- so we move into a hotel. At least there’s heat!


  1. […] of course) and I could not be happier. We had to use the credit card quite a bit during the week from hell, so it’s a relief to have it taken care […]

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