Posted by: mommyinmotion | January 29, 2010

101 in 1001 Update: Completed Goals

So it’s been awhile since I updated this, huh? I am still working on this project though. Just really bad at blogging!

First update- completed goals! These are the goals that were previously on the completed list- along with links to where they were first posted about.

15) Volunteer at the church: Goal Completed 9/17/09
30) Get library cards for our family: Goal completed 8/17/09
34) Get a record player: Goal completed 8/15/09
36) Read for pleasure at least 10 minutes each day: Goal completed 10/20/09
45) Create a chore and reward system for each child: Goal Completed 9/23/09
48) Go walking/hiking as a family: Goal Completed 10/24/09
51) Create a budget for our family: Goal Completed 9/22/09
62) Keep a food journal Goal Completed 9/18/09
71) Go see the Highland Park Dentzel Carousel goal completed 9/5/09
95) Take The Boy and The Girl to the Agricultural Museum in Jackson Goal Completed 9/12/09
99) Meditate at least once a day for one month Goal Completed 9/17/09

These goals have not been posted about yet, but here are the updates on them!

14) Participate in Toys for Tots: Goal Completed 12/19/09

I thought that we might be hosting a Toys for Tots drive at work, but that didn’t happen this year. So, instead, The Boy, The Girl and I shopped for some toys to donate on our own while doing our other Christmas shopping. I’m really glad we did this one, because it helped both children really understand that the spirit of the Christmas holiday season is about giving, rather than getting. They had a lot of fun picking out toys to donate, and I was a very proud Mommy watching them smile as they placed them in the donation bin!

41) Re-instate bi-monthly date nights at home with The Husband: Goal completed 11/??/09

I can’t remember the date that we actually completed this goal, but we have been setting aside at least two nights a month to have dinner together (without the kids!) and watch a movie, play a board game, or just hang out and talk. I am really glad we got back into this habit, and we are definitely continuing this one!

42) Spend at least 5 minutes of one-on-one time with each child: Goal completed 11/14/09

This is another goal that I have continued since completing it. The official 90th day was on November 14th, but I have set aside at least 5 minutes with each of them since first beginning this goal. I am really thrilled that I did this. It’s nice to take a break now and then, and really just enjoy my kids!

49) Pay off the credit card: Goal Completed 01/29/10

Ok, it won’t be officially completed until 02/01/10. BUT, today I scheduled the final payment. I set the transfer online after 5pm, so it won’t go through until Monday morning. But it will go through! We are now officially debt free (with the exception of the mortgage, of course) and I could not be happier. We had to use the credit card quite a bit during the week from hell, so it’s a relief to have it taken care of.

66) Make new blankets for The Girl and The Boy: Goal Completed 01/23/10
I started working on this project during the severe cold snap we had, but several delays came up to keep me from finishing it right away. But it is done, and the kids are really excited. That makes me feel pretty good! I am not a crafty person. At all. But even I can make the no-sew taggy blankets!

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