Posted by: mommyinmotion | February 3, 2010

Finally February!

Kids in the Kitchen- making fruit smoothie popsicles!

January was a rough month for our family- just a whole lot going on! I am thrilled that February is here. I know that turning a page over in the calendar doesn’t automatically mean things will change, but it felt like a symbolic fresh start for us!

So far, February has not let me down! Well, I could do without the rainy weather today, but all in all it’s been a pretty good half-a-week. More and more Sian and Fiona are wanting to make active, healthy choices.

Showing off a new soccer shirt

They have been helping me in the kitchen every night, and wanting to play soccer, or race each other, or play Wii Fit instead of sitting and playing DS all day. We have scouts again tonight, and we are planning to get the ingredients for The Boy’s vegetable soup recipe to make for dinner, so I have a feeling this week will continue being a healthy one for us.

It’s been a good week for me, too. I really struggled with my health and fitness goals during the holiday months, but I am finally feeling more like the “old” me. The me who loves to exercise and does it whenever she can find a few spare minutes. The me who gets a thrill out of planning and cooking healthy meals at home. I missed that me. I’m glad to see her back again!

Homework done- ready for Wii Fit!!

I’m starting to get more involved in some other projects too!  I have also become a little more active on the Run With Us blog. I’m also tracking at sparkpeople again, so I am feeling like I have to be accountable now! Too many people will know if I mess up!

I think that what has really turned things around to get me on track is the fact that I have involved John. He hasn’t set any health or fitness goals for himself, but he knows about all my goals and he is being really encouraging and supportive. We are planning a weekend trip to Jackson next week so that I can run in my first 5k- so I am thrilled that he is willing to help me reach my goals!


  1. Glad to hear you’ve survived the holidays and feel like you’re back on track with your health & fitness goals! The holidays are always hard – Hope having The Husband on board to support you will make it all easier! And good luck with your 5k!

  2. There is definitely something about holding yourself accountable to other people that really increases motivation.

    Good luck on your 5k! I’m sure you’ll rock it. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you’re doing great! I think it’s awesome we’re doing our first 5Ks the same weekend!

  4. First 5k! that will be awesome! I am excited to hear how it goes! Running Rocks!

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