Posted by: mommyinmotion | February 18, 2010

#68-Organize the filing cabinet

#68- Organize the filing cabinet: goal met 2/17/10

I am sooooo happy to have this one officially done. It feels a lot better knowing that now I can find all the documents and paperwork that we need! I’ve been trying to get this done since we moved in August, but it just didn’t work out.

We have a computer desk that has a one drawer filing cabinet on it, and we have been using that to try and keep up with all our important documents, paperwork, and bills. And that worked pretty well when we were a full time military family. There wasn’t as much to keep up with.

But now we have more to keep up with. John has two jobs (law enforcement and Air National Guard), and I have my work and personal training files to keep organized. Throw in school for both kids, mortgage paperwork, insurance paperwork, medical paperwork… suddenly my house seemed like it was one huge pile of papers, and I couldn’t find anything!

So last night I went to Walmart and got a new three-drawer filing cabinet, and I spent a couple of hours getting everything in place. It feels really good knowing that I can find things now!


  1. Nice job! I need to do this as well. I organized it but now stuff is piling up again lol!

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