Posted by: mommyinmotion | February 20, 2010

Love Out Loud 5K

My first race was last weekend, and my running has become a full blown addiction. It is also contagious! My mother has informed me that next weekend, she will be entering a 5K walk with my youngest sister and brother (they will be entering the 5K run) And, today Sian and Fiona entered their first race! John is working, so I had to sit on the sidelines as the cheering section, but they had a great time.

Sian entered the 1 mile Fun Run and placed 3rd in his age group! He was soooo excited. He’s been running around the house non-stop ever since, and is already asking when he can go run again. Fiona entered the 50 Yard Tot Trot and is really excited too. All the Tot Trot runners got medals at the finish line, and she has not taken hers off since! They both changed into their race day t-shirts as soon as we got home, and they have been racing each other around the house all afternoon! It looks like running addiction has definitely hit our family, and this Mommy couldn’t be more proud!


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  2. That is adorable, and awesome! I’ve got my family hooked too. Hubs runs with me and my whole family is doing a 5K walk/run next weekend. My mom, my hubs, myself, and Colin in the stroller :).

  3. This is awesome!! It’s so great that you’re encouraging your kids to be so healthy!

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