Posted by: mommyinmotion | February 25, 2010

Best Compliment Ever!

I was talking to one of the gym members this morning about running late and how some days you just can’t get moving! We started discussing our goals, and she mentioned that she was surprised when she got here and didn’t see me on the treadmill. I told her I was taking a rest day- trying to listen to my body when my mind is telling em to push harder!

Then she said the most amazing thing to me. “You deserve a rest day. I see how hard you work, and it’s really paying off. Your face and your attitude just radiate health lately”

Wow. I feel so proud, happy, and even a little humbled right now. Here I am beating myself up for taking the time to let my body rest and recover- and it takes someone else to tell me what I should already know. My body needs and deserves rest. Training hard- and taking breaks when I need to, are making me a fit, happy, and healthy person.

Radiating health? That’s awesome!


  1. Oh that is a fantastic compliment! I think I would take that anyday! Good work!

  2. Awesome indeed!

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