Posted by: mommyinmotion | March 17, 2010

Lucky #7

I cannot believe that my baby is seven today! It seems like time is flying by so fast, and I can’t stop it. I love the boy that Sian is growing into. So curious, sweet, active, loving, and hard working. But, at the same time, I miss my baby!

Seven years ago I never imagined I could be as happy as I am as a mother. I was young and scared, and didn’t have the first idea what to do with a baby. But John and I somehow figured it out, and our son is growing more and more every day, learning new things all the time, and becoming someone that we are both so amazingly proud of.

I miss the baby and toddler that he once was, but I am so impressed with the boy that he is now. I cannot wait to see what this next year brings for him!

Sian had a pretty good birthday today, I think. I had to work this morning, and John had to work this evening, so it was a bit unusual. I took off early though, and we had some time together before John had to go in to work.

We celebrated last night with the cake and presents- he was particularly excited about his new bike and Bakugan (whatever the heck those things are!) Tonight my mom came to pick the kids up to go to Jackson for a few days (it’s spring break for them) so I am sure he is having a blast with them too.


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