Posted by: mommyinmotion | March 20, 2010

St. Paddy’s Parade 5K

I know I mentioned before that racing can be addictive. I know this is true because today I just completed my 3rd race in 5 weeks (attended 4 races in that time).This race was a LOT of fun for me, because it wasn’t just me. I was the only one doing the 5K run, but my parents and one of my sisters did the 5K walk, and Sian and Fiona both did the 1 mile Fun Run. So racing is definitely a family affair!

5K Run

John snapped a picture of me near the finish line at 27:31. My official race time was 27:08, which means I cut almost 2 full minutes off my previous time (29:05,  5 weeks ago) so I am happy. Didn’t place- but I kicked my own butt. Can’t ask for more than that!

5K Walk

My mother, father, and sister entered as a team, and placed 2nd over-all with teams. My sister and father were both doing their first walk, and both placed 3rd in their age groups! Caitlin 44:03 (14:13 min mile pace) Ranked 72 out of 253, 3rd in age group  Mom: 44:15 (14:17 min mile pace) Ranked 78 out of 253, 7th in age group  Dad: 46:22 (14:58 min mile) Ranked 105 out of 253, 3rd in age group.

1 Mile Fun Run

Sian  entered his second 1 mile race, and finished in 9:57 (cutting about 30 seconds off his time) He placed 3rd in his age group. Fiona entered her first 1 mile race, and finished at 13:02. I ran with her, but I was so busy watching her that I didn’t look at the clock to see the time when she finished!

I will have to scale back on racing soon, though. John has started griping about A) registration costs and B) how boring it is for a non-runner. So we are scaling back to one per month for the time being. Next up: boyscout 5K and 1 miler withSian in April. To keep me motivated I will begin training for a half-marathon on Monday- hopefully will be running one on June 12th!

And of course, lot’s of pictures…

Home stretch!

Finish Line

In Motion Family, post race



  1. Great job! What a great influence on your family. WTG on the PR also.
    Happy running,

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