Posted by: mommyinmotion | March 28, 2010

Camp Out

#42- go on a family camping trip. Goal met 3/27/10

This weekend Sian, Fiona, and I went on our first camp out together. It was an event for family’s hosted by the boy scouts, and Sian had a lot of fun. John had to work, so it was definitely a unique experience for me! I wanted to break this into two separate posts since I have a ton of pictures.

Saturday night was the actual camp out. We arrived at Camp Binachi around 5- and then we had to figure out how to get the tent set up. Amazingly, I was able to do that without too much difficulty! After the tent was up and all our stuff stored inside, the kids wanted to go exploring. I let Sian lead the way, and we followed the maps and signs to find out way around the campgrounds. It was a lot of fun.

The only down side to camping is that it is really hard to get the kids to settle down and go to sleep. Well, that and the fact that sleeping on the ground isn’t particularly pleasant! Sian and Fiona didn’t settle down until 9:30 or so, and the other campers were up and making noise until around 11:00. Still, it was a fun afternoon, and I am really glad we did it!


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