Posted by: mommyinmotion | March 28, 2010

Cub Scout Olympics

The second half of our camping adventure started this morning. After breakfast in the dining hall, all the cub scouts who came for the event were divided into 8 groups. There were 8 events to participate in, divided into groups of four and morning/afternoon sessions. Sian’s group was called the torch bearers.

Their morning session was down in the shooting area. The did the shot put and discus (a ball and a frisbee toss!), archery, BB shooting, and sling shot shooting. Sian’s favorite one was archery- and he did pretty good with it! He was excited about the BB guns, but I don’t think he liked the experience as much as he liked the idea of it.

There was a short break, and then we went on to our afternoon session on the athletic fields. This time they participated in long jump and high jump, rope climbing, monkey bridge, and tug-o-war. Sian really liked the monkey bridge and the jumping. I thought that the rope climb was an interesting challenge! Definately the most difficult thing they had them do all day.

When the games were done, the scouts had time to relax and play, then we had lunch and went home. Sian was bubbling over with excitement the entire time- he can’t wait to “practice” for the Olympics. I guess we will have to sign up again next year for sure!


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