Posted by: mommyinmotion | April 2, 2010


This weekend I am dog-sitting my co-workers Schnauzer. We’ve been joking all week that we are going to wind up with Schneagles by the end of the weekend, since neither Diesel (her dog) or Moneypenny (ours) are fixed!

It’s been fun so far though. We aren’t leaving the two dogs alone, so I’m not actually worried about puppies coming from this weekend. Mostly we’re just enjoying having another dog in the house. Once upon a time, we did have two dogs, but it’s been just one for several years now. I would love to adopt another dog, but we are waiting until Ms. Moneypenny goes to doggy school to learn a few manners first!

Sian and Fiona are really excited about Diesel. He’s very friendly and easily excited, which is perfect for them. Plus, he will eat anything, so he saved Fiona from having to eat her Brussel sprouts tonight. She’s in love!


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