About Us

The Mommy, The Husband, The Girl, and The Boy

Our family began in August of 2002 when John and I got married. In March of 2003 we welcomed Sian into our family- April 2005 brought Fiona, and we were “completed” in February 2008 with the addition of Ms. Moneypenny

John and I

John and I were high-school sweethearts, and have moved around quite a bit in our  seven years of marriage. We have finally settled in one place, though, and plan on making Meridian, MS our “home”. John was active duty Air Force for most of our marriage, and now works part time in the Air National Guard and also full time with Department of Transportation Law Enforcement. Since he has always had jobs that require him to be in good physical condition, I kind of feel like it’s my job to help him be as healthy as possible when at home. It’s not always easy- with his hectic work schedule and mine as well, we frequently find ourselves slipping back into our less-than-healthy habits. We’re both making an effort though, and that’s all that can really be done!

Sian Alasdair

Sian just turned seven in March, and is a very curious child. He’s our adventurous eater- Sian will try any food I serve, and so far has only found one thing he really disliked (just can’t stand tomatoes!) He loves to try new things, and likes to do yoga with me at home and play with Wii Fit. He tends to lean more towards more sedentary activities, though- V-smile, drawing, legos, etc… so my goal with him is to get him interested in more activity. He likes to try new things, though, so I really don’t see it as much of a challenge.

He has developed an interest in being more active lately, though, mainly due to joining scouts! I am thrilled that he has found such a positive outlet for his energy, and has discovered on his own the joys of staying active and healthy!

Fiona Cathleen

Fiona will be five in April, and is always on the go- the child is never sitting still! She loves to run around and play, but prefers to do her own thing, and tends to balk at actual structured “exercise”, or any activity that contains rules, for that matter. She’s our picky eater- something I never thought I would have to deal with. This is a child who will sit at the table and refuse to eat something she likes, just because she’s feeling ornery! She can be a challenge- but I think it’s great that Fiona helps me realize that sometimes you have to take a non-traditional route to get results, and she definitely keeps me on my toes!

At four-going-on-fourteen, Fiona is all attitude and sass. While it can be frustrating at times, she tends to keep me smiling and laughing on a daily basis. And I am a firm believer that a happy life is a healthy one, so she definitely does her part to help this family on it’s wellness journey!

Ms. Moneypenny

Last, but not least, Ms. Moneypenny. When she’s not chewing on action figures or finishing off Fiona’s dinner, she’s running crazy laps around the house. Beagles are very high energy dogs, which is perfect for our family. Sian and Fiona love to chase her, and I know that on days I just don’t feel like going to the gym, I still need to get out and be active to give her enough exercise.


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