About the Mommy

Hello! I’m a 26 year-old wife, mother, and personal trainer. I am currently living in MS with my husband, two kids, and a very active beagle (who makes a wonderful workout partner!)

I am not the person I thought I would be in high school. I was never a very active teen, and even found a way to graduate without ever having to take the mandatory gym class. I was always a little on the heavier side and, while I hated how I looked, I didn’t really have the drive to change my exercise or eating habits.

In September of 2006 I had finally had enough, and I started trying to lose the weight that had slowly but surely crept on after several moves and two children. I discovered calorie counting, and slowly learned more and more about exercise.

Over the last three years, my weight has cycled up and down with each move or major change, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the passion I have discovered for being active. I love how I feel when I am working out, and I love knowing that I’ve made healthy choices with meals. Even more important- I’ve realized that my two children are noticing what their Mommy does, and they are making healthier and more active choices too.

Last spring, I decided to put my passion to work for me, and I became an AFAA certified Personal Trainer in April. In June I become certified as a Group Fitness Instructor with IFTA. I am currently a Sales Manager at Anytime Fitness. First and foremost, though, I am a Mommy- and I know it’s my job to help my children grow into healthy adults!

2010 has become my year on a mission! I have become serious about my running and started racing. I have decide to take a more active approach in teaching my children to be healthier- I’m no longer just trying to lead by example- I am getting them involved in running as well, and letting them take a more active role in their health over all. This is THE year for the In Motion family!

Please feel free to comment any time- or to contact me at: mommyinmotion@ymail.com



  1. How do you become a certified personal trainer? I’ve looked into it before, because I would love to have an ACTIVE career…but I never found any good, concrete info!

    • Ashley- I started by getting a job at a local gym, and then decided to take my certification through AFAA. They host workshops and certifications every month all around the country. It’s best to study on your own a little before hand (I studied for 4 months), and you have to be CPR certified first!

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